Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Plumpy'Nut: Tabatchnick Takes On Nutriset

The debate over Plumpy'Nut and whether it should have been patented in the first place continues.

Now US food company Tabatchncik Fine Foods is talking about creating its own peanut-based therapeutic food to feed severely malnourished youngsters, according to IRIN. And Tabatchnick is considering making its product open-source so anyone can copy their recipe.

From the IRIN piece, as aggregated by Reuters:

"Ben Tabatchnick, head of the family business, said his product was still in the development phase, but the patent would be "open-source", which would allow other producers to replicate his recipe.

His company "was trying to take the fear out of other producers from producing RUTF and keeping up with demand; no one producer can supply (even with licensed franchises) the world demand for RUTF and RUSF [ready-to-use supplementary foods]", he commented. "By allowing others free access (with proper oversight by UNICEF and MSF), this can and will be accomplished." "

For a quick introduction to the patent, see "What Plumpy'Nut Taught Me"

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