Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Feature: Job Postings

Pablo Halkyard, who is pursuing his MBA at NYU, suggested that I include a few job postings in global health as I come across them. Have an opening you'd like to include? Let me know (See contact information at . . .

HIV/TB. The Gates Foundation is looking for (among many others) a Director of HIV and TB (Location: Seattle) and an Advocacy Manager for Avahan, its ever-expanding AIDS program in India (Location: New Delhi).

Journalism. Internews, a non-profit journalism site, wants to find a director of global health programs (Location: Washington, D.C.)

TB Nursing. The Pennsylvania Department of Health is seeking a community health nurse to coordinate TB services in Dauphin County (Location: Harrisburg, PA)


Anonymous said...

I have found one blog dedicated to international public health jobs that is pretty good:

Christine Gorman said...

Thanks for the link, Aman. The site sure looks good. Do you know of anyone who has found a job using it?

Unknown said...

Hi Christine,

I recently graduated from MPH school at Emory University and went through the whole job search process. As my background is in IT, I ended up storing lots of my searches electronically and then eventually started posting them to the web then decided to build it into a whole web site which I just recently launched. Its still a work in progress but there is a Global Health JobBoard as one of the components if you want to check it out. The site is