Friday, July 6, 2007

On the Road

There's going to be little or no posting for most of the rest of July. I'm heading off to South Africa in a few days, courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation, for a traveling seminar on HIV/AIDS. After that, I'll do some of my own reporting and traveling. I'll try, if I can, to post while on the road, but no promises.

So, in the meantime, add your vote to the pandemic poll at right. And check out some of my favorite blogs:

Aetiology Just where do pathogens come from anyway?
Crof's H5N1 blog All bird flu, all the time
Effect Measure Angry, anonymous and well-informed
Global Health Policy (Center for Global Development) Claiming the middle road for development
Google's own global health blog Beyond Larry Brilliant
My Heart's in Accra (Ethan Zuckerman) An eclectic mix
THD Blog Global health techno-trends
Perspectives Global health meets A Higher Power

And for something completely different:
Rootless Cosmopolitan The Middle East from a South African perspective, plus the latest football (soccer) scores

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