Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nurses, Water, Toxic Chemicals in Iraq

Headlines that have caught my attention:

More Nurses Leaving UK for Australia "The Australian recruitment drive comes as the number of foreign nurses seeking work in the UK is falling." (BBC)

Water Utility in Malawi's Largest City At A Breaking Point ". . . access to [safe drinking] water has improved significantly [in Malawi] , from slightly over 47 percent in 1992 to 75 percent in 2006. But the state of affairs in Blantyre could overshadow this achievement." (

Iraq contractor Fights Suit Over Toxic Exposure "When the American team arrived in Iraq in the summer of 2003 to repair the Qarmat Ali water injection plant, supervisors told them the orange, sand-like substance strewn around the looted facility was just a "mild irritant," workers recall. . . . But the chemical turned out to be sodium dichromate, a substance so dangerous that even limited exposure greatly increases the risk of cancer." (Boston Globe)

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