Friday, May 9, 2008

Demand for Plumpy'Nut Outstrips Supply

Dissatisfaction about the availability of Plumpy'nut keeps brewing under the surface but still not much of it is out in the open.

This from an e-mail by Jeff Johnson at Birdgsong-Peanuts (used with his permission):

. . . Demand for Plumpy Nut is many times what Nutriset and their licensees can supply, yet Nutriset won't expand production. We have asked a number of times and they refuse to grant a license outside of the countries where Plumpy Nut is used. I like using local production but the problem is demand is many times what Nutriset and the local licencees can supply. . . .

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TheSmellyArmpit said...

HI! I just learned about PN from surfing the web. Do you have any further information on this? Is there any way a housewife in middle America could help these tiny babies half way across the world???

Anonymous said...

This wikipedia site lists several projects:

Unknown said...

Food for Famine is producing a similar product call Cibo (food in Italian). If any organization is in need of this product, it is given free of charge based upon availability.