Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heading to Malawi

I start traveling today. Hope to be in Malawi by the end of the week.

Will blog as much as possible while I am there. My guess is that I will be uploading several days' worth of batches at a time as I find Internet connections.

So keep an eye on this space in your favorite browser or RSS reader. Read more about the project: At Work with Malawi's Nurses.


Unknown said...

Have a great trip. Can't wait to read/hear/see the results!

Josh said...

Have a great time -- and protect all your techie gear! Apparently I get all the hand-me-downs when you return... :)

Unknown said...

Great to read your first entry from Malawi. It sounds like you are already falling for the spell of "the warm heart of Africa". Your first entry is great - informative and well-written. Looking forward to reading all your entries.
All the best - Andy