Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pharma Boom in Emerging Markets

While the pharmaceutical market for the US stagnates, IMS Health forecasts 14% to 15% growth in the so-called emerging markets, or what they call pharmerging markets. I think they need some help coming up with a better buzzword--something that rolls off the tongue more easily. Which syllable do you stress most? FAR-merging? How far is that merger? Who said anything about mergers? But I digress. The larger point still stands:

Rapid Expansion of "Pharmerging" Markets. The pharmerging markets of China, Brazil, India, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Russia are forecast to grow at a combined 14 - 15 percent pace to $105 - $115 billion. Along with the pharmaceutical industry's increased focus on these high-growth markets, these countries are benefiting from greater government spending on healthcare and broader public and private healthcare funding – which is driving greater access to, and demand for, innovative medicines.
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Pochemuchka said...

CGD recently convened the Global Health Frontiers workshop to examine exactly this topic (if not the semantics). It will be interesting to read about their findings!

Christine Gorman said...

I know they'll be worth reading since the workshop is being led by Ruth Levine and Melinda Moree--two very smart and realistic thinkers in the field. Please let me know when the results are published.