Monday, December 29, 2008

AIDS Denialists at

Looks like the AIDS denialists have made a run at, I hasten to add, is not affiliated with, the Obama transition team website. Questioning whether HIV is the cause of AIDS is now the second most popular item in the global health category of

It's not enough that AIDS denialists have killed at least 330,000 people in South Africa alone. It makes my blood boil to think their juvenile antics, like flooding the simplistic popularity contests at, will keep even a single person with HIV from getting the treatment that she or he needs.

Some valiant commenters have taken up the fight and taken on the denialists at The guy who originally posted the idea is a total lurker. As of this morning his profile shows he supports no non-profits, has taken no actions, raised no money or recruited anyone to any cause.

Memo to folks: you have been punked.


Anonymous said...

I have going at it with some particularly nasty AIDS denialists at I am flattered that you would call me valiant. It feels quite nice after all the names I have been called at It is great that you have pointed out what the AIDS denialists are up to on that website.

I believe their attention will now be turned to spinning the tragic death of the leading AIDS denialist, Christine Maggiore. Please see LA Time article,0,7407966.story

Her sad death should give everyone who is buying into AIDS denialism pause. It should make Peter Duesberg, the only credible scientist who influences AIDS denialism, back off from his destructive stance. It is well known that Duesberg directly influenced Ms. Maggiore and helped turn her toward denialism.

AIDS denialism is killing people and it has to stop.

A new book tells the destructive story of AIDS denialism…..Denying AIDS: Conspiracy Theories, Pseudoscience, and Human Tragedy being published by Copernicus / Springer Books. This is the first psychological analysis of the AIDS denialist movement . All of the royalties from sales of Denying AIDS are being donated to purchase HIV treatments in Africa.

For information on AIDS denialism visit and

Christine Gorman said...

That's really sad news about Maggiore and her 3-year old daughter who predeceased her. AIDS denialism is a killer.
Keep up the good work.