Monday, January 26, 2009

Links: Journalism, Development, Antibiotic Resistance

Two important news items that should be getting more attention. The first is on a "midnight rule" change from the former Bush Administration that is just coming to light. The other is on a unique partnership between a journalistic outfit and a global development organization.

Well, this is bad news
Maryn McKenna tells us "the FDA has quietly reversed a decision it took last summer, and will allow cephalosporins, a human medicine, to be used without restriction in food animals." McKenna takes the time to put the news in context and add some of her own reporting--good journalistic habits. About that headline . . .

Media and Development
Excellent post from Larry Hollon at Perspectives about an "agreement between the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) and the Guardian, the London-based daily newspaper, to document a development program in Katine, Uganda." I was most struck by Larry's concise summary of the high expectations and journalistic conflicts that accompany such projects.

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