Thursday, May 14, 2009

Afghanistan: First Acid, Now Gas Attacks Against Girls

Reuters reports that three girls' schools in Afghanistan have now been the targets of improvised gas attacks. Five girls fell into comas for a short while after the most recent attack, which occurred on Tuesday, while 100 others were hospitalized. Apparently, throwing acid at some girls, wasn't enough to convince many of their sisters to stop their education.

The news of the attacks has kept hundreds of girls from showing up at school, according to the Associated Press.

Still unclear: what kind of gas was used. Blood samples have been sent for testing. There is also a chance that a gas leak--as opposed to a premeditated attack was involved at the third school.

Also disturbing, the attacks are happening in Kapisa province, a region east of Kabul that has been relatively open and supportive of girls' education.

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Katie Couric had a piece on the CBS News about the assassination of a women's rights activist in Afghanistan and the passage of a new law that (may be changed) that would allow marriage as a defense against rape.

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