Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Huckabee No Longer Believes in AIDS quarantines

What a difference a few days make. On Dec. 9, GOP Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee told the Associated Press that he would not back off of statements he made in 1992 in favor of isolating AIDS patients. After Ryan White's mom called him on that stance, Huckabee is backpedaling as fast as he can--not always convincingly.


Charlotte Robinson said...

Huckabee has to gang up on the LGBT community to show us what a real man he is. If he has to pick on a group of American citizens why doesn't he pick a group that has the same rights, benefits & protections as he has? www.OUTTAKEonline/blog.html

Christine Gorman said...

Is that an echo I hear?
Check out the AP's latest on other comments Huckabee made in the past--about not going after Saddam Hussein, women and gays in the military, etc.