Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Policeman Calls At Dinner

15 July, Tuesday

Left at 7:30 AM with Wezi to go to Lilongwe to pick up Katherine Bates, who is helping with video equipment. We gave a ride to the wife and child of a local police officer.
Funny, when Wezi came to dinner table last night with a police officer in tow, Eileen thought I was going to get arrested. After it became clear he was just asking for a ride for his family, Eileen let everyone know what she had feared and we all laughed.

Reached Dae-Yang Luke Hospital at 11 AM, where I was scheduled to interview Dr. Douglas Lungu, the hospital director. But the operation he was performing took longer than he suspected so didn't get to talk with him until after 1 PM. Very good interview, if brief. Would like to schedule another. Alas, the only room available was an empty library, so there was a lot of echoing boom in the audio. Left at 1:40 PM in order to be at airport for Katherine's flight.

She arrived with no problem and we took off back to Embangweni after first using the bathroom at the airport. Stopped in Kasungu to stock up on water and some snacks. Made it to Jenda just before the sun set. Wezi showed us how close we were to Zambia—just the tree line to the left of the road.

Beautiful fast sunset as we traveled on the dirt road from Jenda. Wezi drove slowly as it was getting dark. Stopped and was surrounded by three herds of cattle on the way. They were being driven (on foot) to Lilongwe. Wezi explained that the herders would drive the cattle for about 30 km or so, then rest, then another 30 km or so. They will probably arrive on Saturday or Sunday.

Hallelujah! Eileen's husband Mike figured out how to text my Malawian cell phone on Skype. Received the first message on the way back from Lilongwe. I can't reply to his Skype messages but I can text his mobile phone so now we have two-way communication with the U.S.

(NB: This post was written on site in rural northern Malawi and posted now that I again have internet access.)

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