Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Sounds of Success

23 July, Wednesday

A welcome sound from female ward—laughter. That means nine-year-old Miriam is really coming along fine. She was admitted a few days before we arrived at the end of June with second degree burns across her abdomen. She was trying to warm herself by the fire at home and her dress caught fire. For the past several weeks she has been lying in bed with a kind of cradle holding the blanket over her wound.

I've watched the nurses cleaning the wound on several occasions. No sign of infection in all this time. Looks like she'll be heading home next week. Would have gone sooner but her family lives so far away that it would have been difficult for them to get to a health center three times a week to change dressings.

(NB: This post was written on site in rural northern Malawi and posted now that I again have internet access.)

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